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RCEP, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, is a free trade area composed of 10 ASEAN countries plus 15 countries including China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. It has the largest population, the widest membership and the most dynamic development in the world. The holding group (RCEPH) established by RCEP is committed to promoting regional investment and trade, cultural and technological exchanges, and international cooperation, with its headquarters located in Hong Kong.

RCEPH adheres to the corporate philosophy of global co construction and sharing, linking the world, benefiting the community, and promoting sustainable and successful enterprises.

RCEPH has extensive connections with the WTO, the ASEAN International Chamber of Commerce, the European General Chamber of Commerce, the North American General Chamber of Commerce, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the China Service Trade Association, the Singapore General Chamber of Commerce, the Indonesian Association of Overseas Chinese, the Malaysian Association of Chinese, the Chinese Filipino Association of Overseas Chinese and the Global Investment Banking Fund. It is also the initiator of the the Belt and Road cross-border e-commerce alliance. It has an international team with multi-disciplinary background. Its core members have served as CEOs of investment banking funds and listed companies, Successfully completed investment and trade worth over 100 billion yuan globally. RCEPH is full of enthusiasm for small and medium-sized enterprises and innovative enterprises, and firmly believes that business enabled by Big data, Cloud storage and artificial intelligence will achieve greater success. As of the end of last year, RCEPH had invested over 12 billion US dollars in 24 cities worldwide, managed and operated over 1 million square meters of commercial properties, achieved international trade of over 100 billion yuan, and created 21000 jobs worldwide.

The main business scope of RCEPH is investment, trade, cultural tourism, Big data, new energy and intelligent manufacturing. It is the fastest growing innovative global enterprise in the Asia Pacific region.

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