Culture, Heritage, and Tourism

Cultural exchange with overseas countries is a national strategy highly valued by the government, which can help RCEP integrate more friendly into the world and become a good global citizen. This is also our advantage. We can better provide a series of themed services such as customized overseas tourism inspections and large-scale exhibitions.

News Case: A Little Flower in Sino American Folk Exchange

On May 23rd, Chairman Huang of the RCEP Chamber of Commerce Federation, New China Friendship Association, Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce President Unit, and Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Business Group Board, as well as President Qin of the American Asian Economic Union, signed a global strategic cooperation agreement in the sunny and sunny WE CAF É (Chinese Overseas Chinese Microvalley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubator) in Chongqing.

President Huang introduced the development of Asia, China's economy, society, and overseas Chinese business groups in recent years to Ms. Qin Yaling, the president of the well-known American organization American Asia Economic Alliance. Especially during the cold period of Sino US relations, she highly affirmed and welcomed the cooperation and exchange between Asia and North America, as well as between China and the United States. He expressed the hope that the Chinese and American Overseas Chinese Association, as well as overseas Chinese enterprises and businessmen, will actively promote the traditional spirit of loving their hometown and ethnicity, share resources, develop together, and share the rare opportunities for high-quality development in China. For hundreds of years, generations of Chinese and overseas Chinese ancestors have traveled across oceans, worked hard in foreign lands, and made achievements. At the same time, they have not forgotten to repay their motherland and hometown, fully demonstrating the childlike feelings of the vast number of overseas Chinese. We should take our ancestors as examples, fully utilize our own advantages, and play a positive role in promoting folk diplomacy and economic and cultural exchanges between China and the United States. President Qin stated that the American Asia Economic Union is a well-known chamber of commerce organization registered and certified by the US government. It has extensive commercial resources and overseas Chinese social media platforms in North America and other countries around the world, and is committed to building a platform for cooperation and exchange between the US and China, promoting the development of US China economic and trade, and friendly exchanges. Especially, Las Vegas, where the Chamber of Commerce is located, serves as a global exhibition center, tourism center, entertainment center, and cultural exchange center, The government and enterprises also hope to strengthen cultural and tourism cooperation and exchanges with Asia and China. In the future, we will jointly host global investment and trade, cultural and technological exchanges, and international cooperation themed summits to promote friendly exchanges between the US and China, and serve member enterprises. President Huang emphasized that Chongqing, as the center of Western Development, the new land and sea corridor between China and Singapore, and the core pole of the Sichuan Chongqing Economic Circle, has unique development potential. Chongqing is also the former residence of General Stilwell, the Commander in Chief of the US Army of China, Myanmar, and India during World War II, and the Chief of Staff of the Chinese region. It bears in mind the friendship that was once solidified with blood in the history of China and the United States, For the benefit of humanity and friendly exchanges between the Chinese and American peoples, we must strive to do some beneficial things, such as organizing Asian and Chinese enterprises to attend the three major exhibitions in Las Vegas, introducing advanced American technology and business models to Asia and China, promoting Chinese smart payments, intelligent logistics, and overseas Chinese products to the world through the United States, and organizing American overseas Chinese delegations to visit China for inspection, Let the exchange activities among the people become more lively, thereby enhancing understanding and strengthening mutual trust. Both parties unanimously agree to jointly create a "Global Overseas Chinese Cultural Tourism Promotion Center", with representative offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Chongqing, Las Vegas, Dallas, New York, and Atlanta, connecting overseas Chinese businesses and serving the world.