Investment and trade

We continuously improve our global service network and provide diversified "one-stop" professional services for governments and enterprises, such as corporate financing, overseas listing, investment attraction, management consulting, business services, etc. With the integration of the global economy, we will utilize its abundant resource platforms at home and abroad, broad international perspectives, and deep understanding of various industries by experienced professionals to provide fair and targeted professional consulting services for enterprises, aiming to help them thrive in a business environment full of opportunities and challenges. At the same time, we will constantly monitor changes in global political and economic strategies, analyze their advantages and disadvantages for enterprises, and provide high-quality professional services to benefit our enterprises.

Attracting investment

We provide one-stop services for local and overseas investors, enabling them to seek higher value-added, obtain higher sustainable returns, and new business opportunities in the process of investing in China and overseas.

Improving the environment

While interacting with investors and attracting investment, we also provide feedback to other government agencies to ensure that infrastructure and public services remain efficient and cost-effective.